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The Lincoln Swan project


The Lincoln Swan project

The Lincoln Swan project was set up in 2017 to monitor the movements, breeding success and survival of Lincoln’s iconic swan population. With the Epicollect app, you can report when and where you see any swans, along with any breeding data (presence of nest, eggs, cygnets, etc.). You should not change your usual behaviour in relation to the birds and should not take any risks in recording your sightings that might result in harm and/or injuries to yourselves, others or the birds. All information related to this project can be found in the introductory email you will receive when you sign up to the project at the following link: https://unioflincoln.questionpro.eu/t/AB3uynSZB3vhLB 

If you have any questions, please Contact us

Your sightings are really valuable in helping us understand how swans use the waterways in and around Lincoln, as well as telling us where juvenile swans from Lincoln go when they disperse from their natal territories. The map below shows all sightings from 2020 of swans ringed in Lincoln so please look out for swans carrying yellow colour rings in Lincoln and further afield!

Locations of swan sightings of birds from Lincoln (as identified by their colour rings) reported during 2020. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL